Classroom on Wheels

A Unique Educational Opportunity for Home Schoolers, Private & Public Schools, Colleges and Universities


Wonderful educational sites abound in our vast nation, sites connected by the best highway system on the planet.  The travel time necessary to drive from site to site, though reduced because of the excellent highway system, actually becomes an advantage when used for more than just travel.  Meet the Lightrider, a Mobile Classroom/Parlor Car.


Lightrider Ministries' 45 foot, double decker, sleeper coach is just the vehicle to harvest practical, educational benefits from hours and hours plying America's "endless ribbon of highway."  Multiple couches facing each other across the wide aisles on the Lightrider enables participation by a maximum number of passengers in small and large group activities like lectures, video programs, discussions, games and the like.  These couches convert into bunk beds further co-opting travel time into hours and hours of comfortable, chaperoned slumber aboard our restroom equipped, 30 passenger "Parlor Car."


Lightrider staff will work closely with group leaders, developing an efficient itinerary and or curriculum connecting sites pertaining to academic and or religious subjects.  American History, Natural History (Creation), Sociology, Political Science (Civics), Art and Music, Military Heritage, Civil Rights, or a combination of these may be used to chart the course for this experiential, educational event.


Time planning for such an educational adventure begins many months prior to boarding the Lightrider.  This time enables group leaders the chance to recruit participants while affording those participants the chance to save and work toward raising the money such adventures cost--car washes, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, bake sales, slave auctions, you know the drill.  Kids working together for a common goal teaches lessons above and beyond what will be learned once we hit the road.  Being educational, not just fun, may open the door to grants, to gifts from interested donors, grandparents, or churches.


Every journey begins with a first step.  Give us a call, partner with Lightrider on the cutting edge of three dimensional learning.  Get your students up close and personal with education by seeing, touching and smelling the evidence for themselves.